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Workshop/talk with Angelica

Through talks and workshops about identity, Angelica aims to transform the negative narratives of the Afro-Colombian diaspora.

Samfunnsfagene, Historie, Religion og Etikk, English, Spansk

1-3 hours

About Angelica C. Balanta

Angelica is from Cali, Colombia, known as the salsa capital but also recognized as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. She was fortunate to grow up in a family that gave her a lot of love but in the midst of urban violence. Her childhood was happy but filled with fear. Her parents were very strict, and now as an adult, she understands that they were only protecting them from the dangers of the streets, such as crossfire, drugs, and teenage pregnancies.

Now, Angelica lives in Oslo. Her company, Miss Balanta, has become a platform for sharing her stories and inspiring other young people who are growing up in the same environment where she was born. Miss Balanta aims to transform the negative narratives of the African diaspora. She shares the same dream of contributing to change and offering hope to those who need it most.

Workshop: Strengthening Identity through the History of the Turban (America) / Afro-Colombian Identity (3 hours)

In this workshop, Angelica talks about her own experience as an Afro-Colombian woman who has wrestled with a sense of lost identity and grew up amidst the violence of the 1990s in Colombia. She is driven to share a message of empowerment, cultural richness, and history of the minorities in Colombia through her project, Miss Balanta Turbans.

A questionnaire will allow the group to delve into each of the methodologies of these four concepts in detail: I inquire- I feel pride - I am embarrassed - I strengthen myself. Encouraging students and teachers to reflect on their own experiences related to identity. This way, we will gain a better understanding of the impact the lack of identity and sense of belonging can have on individuals and communities. By applying it to the Colombian context, we will also be able to analyze how this can affect the development of youth growing up in a violent environment.

Exercise Closure:

Sharing experiences: Share the experiences gained during the exercise.
What we discovered along the way: Reflect on what we have discovered throughout the process.

Why it's important to strengthen your identity, my identity identity?

Self-esteem and empowerment
Recognition and respect
Preservation of history and culture
Differentiation and authenticity
To strengthen our sense of belonging

Talk: My Story, My Identity (1h 15 min)

The talk is a lifestory that underscores the importance of strengthening one's identity and how she has managed to connect her children with Colombia's rich culture. She will share the challenges, difficulties, and joys she ha experienced in the 7 countries where she has lived: Colombia, Mexico, England, Israel, Spain, Panama, and Norway. Throughout her journey, she understood from a young age how fashion can be a political act and a tool to be an agent of change. By understanding that the violence she witnessed during her childhood was also part of her identity, She has worked on various actions to alleviate the pain it causes and transform it into projects with a positive social impact. Her talk is an inspiring testimony of how we can turn our experiences into opportunities to make a difference in the world.

Practical info + booking

The workshop and/or talk with Angelica can be booked by schools in Oslo/Akershus. Both will be conducted mainly in English. There is no limit on numbers of students participating, however you need to provide a room with enough space for all participants.

The fee is 6900,- for the 3hour workshop and 4900,- for the talk.

Please contact if you are interested and want to book a workshop/talk with Angelica.

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