About ODW


What is ODW?

Schools all over Norway are offered to take part in our movement. We offer educational material about global questions, and give the students the opportunity to work one day instead of attending schools. They money they earn is used to fund an educational project in another part of the world. Our projects differ every year, but they always have youth, education and development in focus. We make Norwegian youth aware that their mindset and actions shape the world, and we want everyone to able to influence decisions concerning our shared future.


« Youth will be the leaders of tomorrow, and our perspectives are important. »

Jens (20) ODW-leader 2019


Solidarity relates to community, unity and common responsibility. Youth is first and foremost individuals who want to change their own future. The world is unfair, and brutal, for many. But there are always hope and opportunities. We don't support youth in hopeless situations, but we support strong youth who are fighting for a better future. They have the same dreams and ambitions as you and me: A good and meaningful life. Because youth is youth, regardless.


Youth participation

All our work in Norway is lead by youth, and all our projects are designed based on the needs of youth. We see other solutions than adults, and no one are more engaged in the topic of sustainable development than us. That is the reason youth participate in the planning, execution and evaluation of our projects. Youth develop our campaign, lead the movement in each of our schools, and receive support from the project. We are all youth in ODW, and that is why we call our selves Norway's biggest solidarity movement for, by and with youth.


Education and development

Most of our dreams requires education. Our projects always support education, because everyone deserves a fair chance in life. However, the lack of classrooms or books is not the only thing that prevents youth from getting an education - just ask girls in Saudi-Arabia or gays in Russia. That is also the reason we focus on human right education in a lot of our projects. We all deserve to be able to follow our dream. However, millions of youth cannot use their potential because of the lack of education. Education is essential for development because it makes youth a resource.

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