About ODW


What is ODW?

We are Norway's largest solidarity campaign by and for youth. We strive for a better future by putting global development on the agenda in Norwegian schools. Our vision is a fair world shaped by young people. Through ODW, students in Norwegian schools can contribute to a more just world through solidarity action. ODW believes in youth participation, solidarity and education for development. We choose a new project every year, that forms the basis for our information campaigns. We arrange International Week, where students learn about the project and global injustice. After International Week, students can choose to find employment for a day, known as the ODW-day, where the funds benefit the project. We spread knowledge and awareness about global injustice, and we believe that knowledge is more important than money to change global unfair systems. We offer educational material and give the students an opportunity to make a difference.


« Youth will be the leaders of tomorrow, and our perspectives are important. »

Jens (20) ODW-leader 2019


For us, solidarity is all about community, unity and shared responsibility. We, the youth of the world, are first and foremost individuals who want to change our own future. The world is unfair and brutal for many. Still, we see hope and opportunities everywhere. We don't support youth in hopeless situations, but support youth on the frontlines for a better future. We share the same dreams and ambitions: A good and meaningful life. We don’t care what anyone says: Youth is youth, regardless.


Youth participation

All our work in Norway is led by youth, and all our projects are designed based on the needs of youth. We see other solutions than adults, and no one cares more about sustainable development than us. Why? We are going to inherit this mess. That’s why youth participate in the planning, execution and evaluation of our projects. Youth develop our campaign, lead the movement in the schools, and receive support from the project. We are all youth in ODW, and that is why we call our selves Norway's biggest solidarity movement, by and for youth.


Education for development

Our projects always support education, because everyone deserves a fair chance in life. That does not necessarily mean building schools or buying textbooks. Many of our projects focus on human rights education. We all deserve a fair chance in life. But the dreams and potential of millions of youth is wasted due to an uneven playing field and unjust systems. We believe education drives development because it cultivates youth as a resource.

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