Your participation


Our choices and actions

All systems in the world are maintained by people like you and me. Our choices and actions shape the world. What we do and how we think matters.


« Youth is not going to be a part of the change in the world. We are going to be the whole change »

Janna Activist from Palestine


We all want to be a part of something. We all need a community. It doesn't matter what, but we all need a space to discuss things with others.
In ODW, we are all volunteers. We are run by a young leader, aided by a few grown up employees, and a committee of elected young people. Students can choose to take part voluntarily. In all participating schools, a school committee organise the campaign on the ground. District committees all over the country organises the campaign on a regional level. A national committee coordinates the districts, and creates the campaign. They meet regularly, spread information in schools and locally, and have a lot of fun! We reach tens of thousands of students and teachers at about 500 secondary schools, upper secondary schools and folk high schools.


Hire a student for a day

Get work done at an affordable price, give a young student valuable work experience, AND make the world a better place? Yes indeed! You will get all of this if you hire a student on the ODW-day!
For 300-400 NOK you can get help to clean the house, paint your fence or help with social media at work. All while creating a more just world. Thousands of young people are ready to step up on the ODW-day. The money they earn will support a better life for thousands of young people in other parts of the world.

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Join the movement!

If your school participates in Operation Day's Work, the entire school can work together towards a more just world, along other schools all over Norway. If your school chooses to take part, you choose to join a movement that has been shaping lives for over fifty years. With your support, Operation Day's Work will continue to unite millions of students in Norway for a better future.

Development aid organizations in Norway are invited to apply for the year's ODW project. The students earn about 20 million kroner each year.