How to arrange ODW

in your

Our information campaign

If we want to change the world for the better, we think that knowledge about injustice is as important as charity. International Week (IW) is our information campaign where students all over Norway learn about global issues. We offer free educational material, printed material and presentations.


« We managed to engage the whole school using the resources produced by ODW! »

Teacher Kjøllefjord school

Arranging International Week

Our information campaign is arranged differently in every school. There are many ways to do it. Arrange a meeting with the ODW-committee in your school, discuss what you can and want to do, and be creative! Do you want to arrange a concert? Do you want to have a presentation? Invite the mayor? Don't be afraid to think big!


Adapt ODW to your school

Several international schools in Norway participate in ODW. Some IB schools choose to have ODW as a CAS activity, while others arrange it completely differently. Contact us, and we will give you tips and help you on the way!


Our resources and materials

All our educational material, printed material and presentations are in Norwegian. However, we do translate many elements every year and would be happy to translate our resources and materials on request (contact We also produce a range of films every year. All of them are to be found on our Youtube channel! Our films are in a variety of languages, and you will find subtitled versions.